Marie (tazmania6507) wrote in punkd_fans,


Okay, I watch Punk'd. It's really the only MTV show I watch. Of course I'm 27, so I'm pretty much out of the MTV generation.

My favorites have to be the one where they did the fake commercial with Akon & the one with Kanye West where they tried to shut down his music video. Of course my ALL time favorite Punk'd moment (which I'd love to get the video of...I can only get this on the real video on MTV's website but I want to get it on QuickTime so it's not so jumpy on my computer) has to be when they punk'd Matthew Perry. Cracks me up every time I see it.

I got an idea for a Punk'd epsoide. You know how they pranked NFL players? How about they punk the coaches? I know which one in particular they can get...Andy Reid of the Philadelphia Eagles. Just because he seems like the kind of guy who can take a joke. LOL
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